27.05.2018 WARSZAWA

Meet me at the GRAND BAZAR, the fashion fairs.

Spotkajmy się na targach modowych GRAND BAZAR.


Mniej więcej na bieżąco informacje, co u nas nowego słychać. 
Updates from our activity, news more or less up to date.


Would you like to meet learn more about me, the human being? Few words about my beginning, human, woman and an artist.


Instagram, Kasi kreacje od kuchni. 95% po angielsku... wybaczcie!
Kasia's account on Instagram, 95% post in English.

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The BLOG has been created as a support for documenting my time and creative process. We experience daily many changes, our life is controlled by algorithms of social networking sites. Sometimes, in the rush of everyday life, I would like to slow down time for this one or two important moments that happen.

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Divine Particle

Some people say, that being an artist means you have a divine particle within you. Sometimes I think this is like being in place where the sky meets the earth.